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Invite ANN DOUGLAS for a virtual event featuring a discussion about midlife!

Both a midlife love letter and a lament, Navigating the Messy Middle by Ann Douglas both celebrates the beauty and rages at the many injustices of this life stage and provides readers with the tools to chart their own course.

Ann Douglas is available to do a virtual event at your bookstore! She could:

  • Deliver a lively and informative book talk with a Q&A at the end
  • Be part of an interview-style event with the bookseller or another invited guest asking questions
  • Host a story-sharing workshop where, in addition to sharing some highlights from her research, she’ll also encourage participants to reflect on their own learning and growth as midlife women and to share some of that thinking and learning with others.

You can expect an event that is kind, encouraging, and real—and that leaves participants feeling anything but alone.

About Ann Douglas:

  • Creator of the internationally bestselling The Mother of All® books series
  • Psychology Today columnist
  • Author of 26 non-fiction books
  • As seen in Healthy Aging, Best Health and Chatelaine
  • Sought-after speaker, from keynote addresses to small-group workshops