All material published by Douglas & McIntyre is protected by copyright law.

Written permission is required to reproduce excerpts from D&M titles in any format.

To submit a permissions request, please send an email to with the following details:

  •  Title and author of the D&M book you would like to excerpt
  •  Length of excerpt and page(s) on which the excerpt appears
  •  Title, author/editor, publisher and publication date of the publication in which the excerpt will appear
  • Print run, languages, territories and formats of publication
  • Note: For school course pack requests, please include the name and date of the course, number of students and format of the course pack

It may take approximately six weeks to receive a response to your request, depending on how much research is needed. To make sure you receive permission in time, please provide complete information and submit your request well in advance of when it is needed. Please do not send duplicate requests.

To submit an accessibility request, please contact with details about the material you need.

For photo and illustration requests, please note that D&M does not always hold the rights to the images published in our books. Before sending a request, consult the image’s caption and the book’s copyright page to see if information about the rights holder is included there.

Please note that we are not able to accept permissions requests or inquiries by phone.