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Series for the Summer

Series for the Summer

Douglas & McIntyre has a collection of mystery series to keep you entertained and occupied all summer long. Travel behind the scenes in a spicy soujourn to one of the world’s most iconic hotels; or explore 1920s Vancouver with grizzled noir detectives, or contemporary Vancouver in Charles Demers series that explores mental health.

John MacLachlan Gray's Raincoast Noir series is full of real-life historical references as it explores an opium-hazed, smog-choked, rain-soaked Vancouver: Perfect summer reading! If you’re headed for the beach near Decourcy Island, you’ll want to bring along Mr. Good-Evening with its tales of buried treasure left there in the ’20s by cult leader Brother Osiris. 

Dr. Annick Boudreau is the unflappable and endearing psychologist at the West Coast Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Clinic in Vancouver, British Columbia and the prime investigator in the Doctor Annick Boudreau mystery series. As she sets out to right the wrongful assumptions and stigmas about her patients that have been charged for murder or assumed victims of suicide, she slowly unravels the darker truth about her postcard-perfect city, and the inherent politics in every case. Dealing with mental health with wit, compassion and sharp observation, Charles Demers explores a side of Vancouver rarely seen or discussed, and will have you glued to the pages on even the busiest of beaches.

Have more of a taste for the finer thingsand all the scandal that comes with them? The Priscilla Tempest Mystery series takes you right to the luxury of the iconic Savoy Hotel during its prime in the swinging 60s. Follow Priscilla as she narrowly avoids being fired from her position as head of the Savoy press office after murders threaten to scandalize not only the hotel, but her own reputation. Sassy, suspenseful, and always entertaining, readers will delight in escaping in a world of glamour, danger, treachery, and always being in the wrong place at the wrong time.