D&M's fall preview

D&M's fall preview

This Fall, Douglas & McIntyre is excited to publish a new list of books that take us across the country and beyond; into to the wilderness with a pack of wolves, across the Atlantic with a generation of English cowkeepers, to the ice rink (and boardroom) of the NHL, and into the mysterious fictional town of Valhalla, Manitoba.

This September, Darrel McLeod’s memoir, Mamaskatch: A Cree Coming of Age, presents a powerful story of resilience; McLeod shares his struggles with family and identity in an uplifting account of overcoming societal and personal obstacles. Michael C. Klein’s memoir of challenging the medical status quo and fighting for midwifery in Canada, Dissident Doctor, is sure to inspire and provoke. In another vivid account of a controversial life, William Steele presents the definitive biography of W.P. Kinsella, the infamous author of Shoeless Joe. Using revealing interviews and Kinsella’s personal journals and documents, Going the Distance thoroughly examines the life of the man who penned the work that was adapted into the hit film, Field of Dreams.

Going back in time, The Cowkeeper’s Wish, by sisters Kristen den Hartog and Tracy Kasaboski, journeys through generations, from London, England, through poverty, war and love, to London, Ontario. In Return of the Wolf, Paula Wild explores the legends, history, science and stories of wolves to debunk the myths and consider better coexistence between humans and this icon of the wilderness.

As we head into the winter season, we take to the ice with two books that look at Canada’s favourite sport: hockey. The Next Ones by Michael Traikos takes a look at the young guns that have taken the hockey world by storm. From Connor McDavid to Johnny Gaudreau, this exciting book tells the origins of these new stars. This September, by David Shoalts’ Hockey Fight in Canada takes us from the locker room to the boardroom to uncover Rogers’ $5.2 billion takeover of Hockey Night in Canada, and how everything went wrong.

We round off the Fall with a timely and compelling Canadian Gothic crime novel from award-winning author W.D. Valgardson. In Valhalla’s Shadows tells the story of a retired cop who, while battling PTSD, relocates to the town of Valhalla, Manitoba, but soon becomes embroiled in the troubles of the small town brought to the forefront by the death of a young girl.

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