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Death at the Savoy Murder Mystery Party Kit

Death at the Savoy Murder Mystery Party Kit

Inspired by the elegance and drama of Death at the Savoy by Prudence Emery and Ron Base, and featuring some familiar characters, this kit has everything you need to host an exciting murder mystery party. Includes a Hosting Guide, party invitation, cocktail recipe and character bios and booklets for each guest (there may be 6-8 players total).


Hosting Guide - for the host's eyes only!

Party Invitation

Buck's Fizz Recipe Card

Host Booklet - for the host's eyes only!

Guests may download their character bio and booklet below.

*To avoid spoiling the game, guests should look only at their own character files, and avoid reading the booklet until the party!*


“Swaying and singing in the middle of the room, a lit cigarette in one hand, a tumbler of scotch in the other, was the munchkin-sized Princess Margaret, barefoot, dressed in a knee-length black cocktail dress.”

p. 237, Death at the Savoy

Margaret Bio

Margaret Booklet


“Tall and tanned, dapper in a perfectly tailored dark blue suit fitted at his tailor, Ede and Ravenscroft of Savile Row, Noël raised insouciant eyebrows as he crossed to Priscilla’s desk.”

p. 57, Death at the Savoy

Noël Bio

Noël Booklet


“With his shock of unkempt hair, his loosened tie at his frayed collar, the chin that only intermittently felt a razor, Percy Hoskins failed to hide his rumpled attractiveness while at the same time providing irrefutable evidence that he was that unique creation of God and Fleet Street—a reporter.”

p. 36, Death at the Savoy

Percy Bio

Percy Booklet


A well-to-do gentlewoman, you adore the theatre and the arts, and fancy yourself something of an amateur theatre critic. Raised in high society, you can hobnob with the best of them.

Poppy Bio

Poppy Booklet


A well-to-do gentleman with an inherited caviar business, you are accustomed to the finer things in life. You imagine yourself something of an accomplished businessman and tend to view yourself above others.

Turner Bio 

Turner Booklet


“It was startling to see the reality of the couple, turning to Priscilla as she approached. Elizabeth Taylor's two most distinctive assets, those violet eyes and that impressive bosom, were on full display.”

p. 87, Death at the Savoy

Elizabeth Bio

Elizabeth Booklet


“Richard Burton, his pockmarked face deeply tanned, inspected Priscilla with sad, watchful eyes.”

p. 87, Death at the Savoy

Richard Bio

Richard Booklet