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Douglas & McIntyre fall 2021 preview

Douglas & McIntyre fall 2021 preview

Douglas & McIntyre is excited to announce our fall 2021 releases!

Richard Wagamese, an Ojibway from the Wabaseemoong First Nation in northwestern Ontario, was one of Canada’s foremost writers. In Richard Wagamese Selected: What Comes from Spirit, readers are guided through a carefully curated collection of his short non-fiction works, many appearing for the first time in print, and are given the opportunity to experience his life-long talent and ability to inspire with words.


The present and the future are concerns that are covered in both Pandemic Spotlight, written by Ian Hanomansing, and Me Tomorrow, written by various Indigenous thinkers and edited by Drew Hayden Taylor.

Pandemic Spotlight captures the perspective and insight of nine Canadian doctors who faced the pandemic head-on and used their knowledge and expertise to help lead a bewildered nation through its worst medical crisis in a century. Hanomansing highlights how the lessons learned from Covid-19 have better equipped the world for the future.

Me Tomorrow looks to the future, exploring important topics such as tradition, the environment, imagination and education. Thirteen essays by fourteen Indigenous writers, artist and activists share the diverse experiences of Indigenous peoples on Turtle Island.


In three very different memoirs, two women share intimate seasons of their lives and a noted businessman and philanthropist describes his colourful, and at times unconventional, journey.

Open Every Window, written by Jane Munro, is an honest account of a woman who is tasked with providing end-of-life care to her Alzheimer’s-stricken husband. Munro brings comfort and compassion to readers who have also experienced loss and gives respite through her words.

In contrast, Vagabond, written by Ceilidh Michelle, focuses on the months she spent homeless at the young age of twenty-one, drifting through countercultural communities.  Told with deadpan humour and insightful lyricism, this memoir sheds light on Ceilidh’s painful past and how it helped shape her future.

Michael Audain’s One Man in His Time… presents some of the riveting experiences that have filled his adventurous and remarkable life. From his beginnings as a left-wing activist and student radical to his role as a Canadian wildlife protector and successful residential developer, Audain has done it all and invites readers along for the ride.


Ralph Milton targets a specific demographic in his book Well Aged. Fighting the stigma that the world is ready to pounce on anyone over eighty, Milton zeros in on how the older generation is actually more content and happier than they have ever been. Told with a liberal sprinkle of humour, Well Aged tackles subjects such as intimacy, identity, loneliness and offers much more advice on how to make the most out of your platinum years.


Look out for information on more exciting releases in part two of our fall 2021 preview.