Douglas & McIntyre’s Spring 2024 Preview

Douglas & McIntyre’s Spring 2024 Preview

This Spring, Douglas & McIntyre has a stellar line-up of books ranging from astute non-fiction to historical mysteries to Canadian classics.

Readers with a taste for adventure will surely enjoy the writings of Steve Burgess and Farley Mowat, who both share stories of people who have a passion for exploration, albeit in different eras.

Reservations cover by Steve Burgess

In this smart and sharply funny interrogation of our right to roam, Steve Burgess looks into the traveller’s soul, sharing the stories of some of his most personally-significant travels, from Rome to Tana Toraja, and looking to studies and experts around the world for insight into why we travel and how we could do it better. Reservations conducts personal investigation into the real price of our holidays.

Farley Mowat West Viking

With the vivid prose that made Farley Mowat a bestselling author comes Westviking, a nonfiction book about Norsemen that unravels their struggles and triumphs as they set sail in uncharted waters and faced the challenges of a new and unfamiliar land. Meticulously researched and grippingly told, Mowat infuses his own adventurous spirit into the little-known story of the Viking culture that once took hold on the edges of North America.


They may be different genres, but this hilarious memoir and self help workbook share themes of the importance of community and connection in an individual's life. One imparts wisdom through the use of comedy, while the other offers clearly outlined lessons for ease of learning.

Window Shopping for God

Window Shopping for God, by Canadian comedy gem Deborah Kimmett, recounts a lifelong flip through a catalogue of beliefs—from Kimmett's teen years, when a near-death experience gave her a new, less-Catholic perspective, to her struggles with addiction and mental health that led her in and out of faith—and her search, as a woman in her sixties, for meaning that could finally plant her on firmer ground.

52 Weeks to a Sweeter Life

52 Weeks to a Sweeter Life for Caregivers, Activists and Helping Professionals is a practical guide to self-care, written for helpers—the caregivers, activists, community leaders, mental health and medical professionals who are the first to help others, but the last to seek help themselves. Throughout, Farzana Doctor embraces both community care and self-care at the same time, showing readers the overlap between the two.


The fiction titles D&M has this season are exciting additions to two mystery series. After death strikes, readers follow casts of colourful characters who attempt to navigate the unknown.

Mr Good-Evening

The open-and-shut case of the Fatal Flapper just won’t stay closed in John MacLachlan Gray’s thrilling and immersive novel of 1920s Vancouver. Mr. Good-Evening joins The White Angel and Vile Spirits in Gray's Raincoast Noir line. 

Princess of the Savoy

Check back into London’s posh Savoy Hotel in the swinging sixties where dark forces and murder are uninvited guests—volume 3 in Ron Base and Prudence Emery’s series that is now a French bestseller. Sassy, suspenseful and always entertaining, Princess of the Savoy will delight readers looking to escape into a world of glamour, danger, treachery and a dead body or two—where there is always time for just one more cocktail, even when democracy itself is at stake.

This compact photography book makes a big showing, featuring vibrant photographs that highlight the small, very human, moments that bring more depth to our understanding of the celebration of pride and the 2SLGBTQ1+ community. 


This celebration of those who march with Pride comes as Toronto marks the fiftieth year of its first gay rights march. The 120 photographs by Angel John Guerra offer a glimpse beyond the usual media coverage, as they zoom in from the glorious spectacle to the small scenes and single participants, shining a light on moments of joy, strength, ferocity, resilience and love. Contextualized with an essay by Michael Rowe, Pride captures the power of a movement that contains multitudes.



Mamaskatch: A Cree Coming of Age in paperback

Mamaskatch: A Cree Coming of Age, by Darrel J. McLeod has won a Governor General's Literary Award and was longlisted for Canada Reads. Beautifully written, honest and thought-provoking, Mamaskatch—named for the Cree word used as a response to dreams shared—is ultimately an uplifting account of overcoming personal and societal obstacles. In spite of the traumas of Darrel’s childhood, deep and mysterious forces handed down by his mother helped him survive and thrive: her love and strength stayed with him to build the foundation of what would come to be a very fulfilling and adventurous life.