Douglas & McIntyre's Fall 2023 List of Upcoming Books - Fiction and Memoir

Fall 2023 Titles from D&M: PART ONE

Douglas & McIntyre is announcing its Fall 2023 list.

Up first: fiction and memoir.


Reuniting with Strangers

Through a series of compelling short narratives, Reuniting With Strangers is a novel that follows the reunification of Filipino caregiver families. Over an incisive caregiver's instruction manual, a custody battle over texts and e-mails, a disarmingly direct self-help guide and more, this novel opens a window into the homes of the Filipino-Canadian community.


Once Upon an Effing Time by Buffy Cram - book cover image

Once Upon an Effing Time is a quirky, thrilling, darkly funny page-turner that follows Elizabeth, who attempts to bond with her neglectful mother by adopting personas. She’ll become a fortune teller, join a doomsday cult and indulge her mother’s conspiracies while readers follow Cram’s humorous and heartbreaking story.


A Season in Chezgh'un - novel by Darell J. McLeod book cover image

Written by acclaimed Cree author Darrel J. McLeod, A Season in Chezgh’un is a novel infused with the contradictory triumph and pain of success in a world that feels alien. James, wanting to reconnect to his roots, moves to a remote northern Dakelh community where he encounters poverty and cultural disruption, but also a people's indomitable spirit.


Skid Dogs Cover

Skid Dogs is a raw and riveting coming-of-age story about the wild love of teenage friendships and the casual oppression of 90s rape culture. Emelia Symington-Fedy holds her hometown close and accountable and exposes the subtlety of misogyny. 


Here With You cover - Kathy Wagner

A powerful story of a mother’s struggle to save her son from addiction, Here With You will touch any person or family who’s struggled with substance abuse. This book makes real the impact of the current drug toxicity crisis with a torn family that came back together.



In part two of D&M's Fall 2023 preview, expect some riveting nonfiction as well as some top-notch humour writing and a gorgeous art book. Coming soon...