Fall Preview - PART 2

Fall Preview - PART 2


Searching for Franklin Book

An exploration of the Arctic’s frigid history, Searching for Franklin approaches the legacy of Sir John Franklin. This book offers a surprising new explanation of the enduring Northern mystery that engulfed Franklin’s last expedition.

A Whole New Game Book

In the shifting landscape of Canadian Hockey, A Whole New Game investigates the state of Canada’s most popular sport. Neil Longley takes a realistic look at the current era of hockey and the wavering support for hockey teams by the NHL at the community level.

Misfortune and Fame cover

Misfortune and Fame takes aim at the waste and excess of consumer culture with a lively and satire-laced exposé of the rich, famous and totally miserable. In ten punchy chapters full of anecdotes about the miseries and misfortunes of the affluent, Berton offers readers ten reasons NOT to wish for fame or fortune.

Finding Larkspur Dan Needles Book

Bestselling chronicler of village life Dan Needles (author of the Wingfield Farm stage plays) leads an insightful and laugh-out-loud tour through the quirks and customs of today’s Canadian small town with Finding Larkspur.

Pictures on the Wall - Michael Audain

Filled with beautiful, colour pictures of art from Michael Audain’s collection, Pictures on the Wall tells the deeply personal story of how Audain acquired one of Canada’s most notable collections. This gorgeous coffee table book asks everyone to explore and enjoy their own relationship with the art in their world.