Part two of Douglas & McIntyre's Fall Preview

Part two of Douglas & McIntyre's Fall Preview

You’ve been waiting for it!  Part two of Douglas and McIntyre’s Fall Preview is now released.


Gidal, edited by Alan Twigg, is an intimate selection of letters between Tim Gidal, a pioneering force in photojournalism, and scholar and art collector Yosef Wosk. This volume’s 60 letters and 60 photographs not only showcase the friendship of Wosk and Gidal, but they also reveal rare perspectives of interwar Europe, taken prior to the annihilation of WWII. Filled with modern Jewish History, early 20th-century photography and the story of an unusual friendship, this work will appeal to many.


Two distinct novels on Douglas & McIntyre’s list delve into subjects of marriage and murder as they closely follow their characters’ reactions when faced with different situations.

Robert Hough’s The Marriage of Rose Camilleri is the unconventional love story of a printer’s assistant recently released from juvenile detention and a woman just arrived from the tiny island nation of Malta. Together the couple will face poverty, infidelity, and troubled teenagers. Told through captivating details, Hough creates a fascinating story out of an ordinary life.

Vile Spirits, written by John MacLachlan Gray, is an exhilarating page-turner set in 1920s Vancouver post prohibition. In this follow-up to his mystery The White Angel, Gray’s characters are tossed into a liquor-fuelled murder mystery, making for an exciting and unpredictable adventure.


A laugh-out-loud children’s book is the latest release in the D&M Kids imprint. Written and illustrated by Glenn Brucker, City Day is a funny and whimsical book about nature and the growing need to respect it. Brucker’s furry protagonists have a fun-filled day rampaging through the city and learning about humans. With charming illustrations, humour and a thought-provoking message, this is a must read for kids and parents alike.


We are excited to publish a new edition of Art of the Northwest Coast, by Aldona Jonaitis. An impactful new chapter discusses numerous contemporary artists and addresses pressing issues ranging from Indigenous sovereignty to the destruction of the environment to the work being done with the non-Indigenous to help heal the wounds of racism and discrimination.


Some of Douglas & McIntyre’s bestsellers are now available in paperback! These include two memoirs— Blue Sky Kingdom, written by Bruce Kirkby, and How to Lose Everything, written by Christa Couture— as well as two history books, The River Battles, by Mark Zuehlke, and Allan Levine’s Toronto.


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