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Charles Kipp

Charles Kipp served in the Canadian army during WWII. During ten months of fighting at the front, he was wounded nine times. After three months of intense fighting without a break, he suffered a heart attack in the heat of battle yet continued to fight, serving in the Battle of Bergen-op-Zoom. Afte rthe war, he farmed briefly before being diagnosed with post-traumatic stress syndrome and suffering a second heart attack. He soon became well-known locally as a fine craftsman of beautiful cabinetry and as the banjo player in a popular local country band, the Cornhuskers. In 1984 and 1986, he returned to Holland as a war veteran where he was reunited with the Dutch people who offered him shelter and the Germans against whom he had fought. He passed away in January 2000. He is survived by his wife, Margaret; daughter, Peggy Fox; and two grandchildren, Stephanie and Steven.

Because We Are Canadians : A Battlefield Memoir
Because We Are Canadians : A Battlefield Memoir

Because We Are Canadians: A Battlefield Memoir

Charles Kipp, Lynda Sykes, Pierre Berton

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